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Help with logical thinking skills
Improve logical thinking
Empower students to succeed through problem solving and cognitive development.
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Improve Logical Thinking

​“Empowering Students for Academic Enhancement”
Managed by the family
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" Academic Enhancement Tools is a guide for parents, educators, business organizations and any parties that have a vested interest in the American or International education system. This book highlights the importance of positive family relationships and how these relationships can affect the academic success of students".  Bohlsen Services.

"To bring students to their natural potential, Bricker presents a toolkit, field-tested in schools for 15 years.  His book contains a series of questionnaires and worksheets to help students pinpoint their areas of interest and ability, as well as informational chapters for parents on ways to further analyze and guide their children.  Once skills are determined, students can then take steps toward career research."  BlueInk Review.

"Parents are in the driver's seat when it comes to enhancing academic success of students, according to Keith Bricker, veteran educator and guidance counselor for over 40 years." BlueInk Review.

"Academic Enhancement Tools may appeal to families guided by corporate philosophy".  Clarion Review.  (ORDER AT:  WWW.AMAZON.COM or email orders @TRAFFORD.COM)        

Academic Enhancement Tools is designed to:
    1.  Identify students' natural skills from enjoyed activities.
    2.  Build family relationships through problem-solving life-role decisions.
    3.  Connect students, schools, community, and work choices.
    4.  Identify life role choice options.
    5.  Build integrity through trust, work ethic and a humility/aggressive balance.
    6.  Provide resources to minimize some identified learning barriers.
    7.  Link current learning to possible future life goals.  

     Academic enhancement tools  require critical and logical thinking skills.   This book can be ordered at or email  For general  questions or suggestions e-mail us at Order in ?hard cover, soft cover or E-Book.

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