Critical thinking skills for students
Parents have the power, here are the tools.
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About our Program For Critical Thinking Skills for Students

​“Empowering Students for Academic Enhancement”
Managed by the family
C. E. O.

The family is the primary unit that gives moral and spiritual strength for stability in our society.
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Therefore, the “power source” for student success is rooted in the relationship and interaction between the parents and student. Parents need to honor, respect, and protect their student as they model positive  performance. This is especially true when the student is in the twelve to fifteen year range. It is the parent’s responsibility to empower students on a long term basis and model the attitude needed for success. 

Schools need to motivate the student in the short run through passionate and caring administators and teachers who offer revelent course work. We are quick to just let the school do it, Big Mistake. Remember, schools do not have the profit factor as an incentive for success. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents and the school to interact and use the parent/student relationship as the foundation for  student academic success. The school should not move without the parent’s direct involvement, especially with the electronic media of today. The old saying, “blood is thicker than water”  still has merit. The family must provide a safe learning environment for students as the parent knows what works with his student because he has interacted with the student since day one. The school does not have this history with the student. Professional degrees and educational experience do not trump the interaction parents have had with their student. The school can play an advisory role, but the student, working with the advice and consent of his parents, needs to make the final choices, in line with the options the school have to work with. 

Empowering students for Academic Enhancement, by helping to improve logical thinking skills, requires interaction among the following partners:



12 to 15

Community Service 

Career Track

All working together provide
the knowledge and relationships needed for good decision-making.

The family is the most influential partner for a student to make healthy  decisions, stay in school, and improve logical thinking skills, because of the relationships modeled by parents.   

Many of these activities, found on the program overview page(table of contents), can be done at home. Some of the information  is part of the school record. Most  information is online from the student’s school. Parents need to use the social media on a regular basis to observe their students’ progress. The planning steps need the help of the school. Some schools will have all the resources needed.  Doing the activities with school personal, student, and  parent may be the best approach.  Parents need to manage each step of  the academic enhancement program to better develop critical thinking skills for students.  

"​Why Should We Listen to You?"

I have been in the education business for the past forty two years. The idea of working in the human relations field, developing competencies with analysis, evaluation, and solution implementation caught my attention part way through my undergraduate work. As part of my Masters and Education Specialist work in education and counseling, I focused on the competencies/skills needed  to be successful in business. Those competencies included problem solving, a synergy process, change agent concepts, communication skills, and future planning for students in a global setting. My work in teaching middle school science, high school social studies, college courses in management and  psychology reflect those interests.  A strong work ethic came from  being raised on a beef farm and working with my father until he retired.

Certification currently held in the State of Michigan:
  Licensed Professional Counselor 
  Social Studies Instructor
  Science Instructor
  School Counselor
  Note: Professional Disclosure Statement on request

Special training:
  Presented educational materials at state and local conferences
  Participated in school- to- work transition conferences for 15 years
  Wrote lesson plans for 36 Essential Goals and Objectives for the State of Michigan
  Wrote the initial Educational Development Plan materials for the school district
  Co- Authored the book "Your Local Community At Work" for the school district
  Developed a career course  used in  high school and the community college
  Wrote the book  "Academic Enhancement Tools"


  Career Educator of the Year in Michigan 1983
  Social Studies teacher of the year in Michigan 1984
  School District teacher of the year selection 1986

  ED.S. Eastern Michigan University 1991
  M.A. Eastern Michigan University 1982
  B.S. Bob Jones University 1968
  Ass. of Arts. SCCCC 1968

My work has been in both school and business. I have worked in manufacturing plants, family farm,  taught business courses, and conducted seminars on problem-solving in business. The focus, has been on the transition competencies that need to be learned and experienced in high school.  

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