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Parents have the power, here are the tools.
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Q: How does this program work?

 Our model is built on the relationship between the student and parent. The goal is to enhance the academic success of the student though cognitive life role choices. With a focus on the future, the student will understand  the academic and vocational training needed for success.

Q: Who needs to participate?

The parent, student, teacher/counselor or administrator. Additional information may be obtained from the business community.

Q: Why does this process work?

It works because the student wants the parent to have a strong relationship with the him. He knows other students that have that relationship. There is just no substitute for a loving relationship with the student. It is the "power source" for student success. School programming will not substitute for this relationship. Conducting over fifteen hundred of these conferences demenstrated that it works.

Q:  Are there other goals of this program?

Yes.  See Objectives in the overview section.

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